Hair Extension Re-Tipping

We Provide a Hair Extension Re-Tipping Service


We Provide a Hair Extension Re-Tipping Service

We don't just fit hair extensions, we also re-tip your hair extensions as well. Whether you're trade looking for a company to re tip your clients hair, or a Hair extension client needing your extensions re-tipping, we will provide a quick, reliable and professional service, time after time.

The current methods that we tip are Stick tip, Flat tip, Nail tip, Micro tip, and Nano tip - (Wire or Elastic) please be specific when ordering. We also have a range of tipping materials that you can choose from which are Polyamide, Italian Keratin and Memory Glue. Our most popular methods are Micro and Nano. If you are unsure of which one will be best for you, please give us a call so we can advise as best as we can.

We can also add additional colours to your hair extensions to create high lighted or low lighted effects, using ratios of colours as near as your chosen preference as possible.

We will always aim to tip your hair within 1-2 days after receiving the package. However, there may be a slight delay if your hair has been sent near a bank holiday or at our busiest times.

If you require your extensions to be fitted with rings, please provide a ring with your hair so that we can make sure we get the sizing perfect for you.

We would really appreciate it if all hair extensions are sent clean and dry by using a deep cleansing/clarifying shampoo so that there is no product left on the tipping area. Conditioner may be applied but only to the mid lengths and ends, making sure that there is no oil or moisturising products near the tips. Doing so will ensure that you get the longevity out of your newly tipped hair. If you would rather us wash the hair for you this may increase the time it takes to re tip your hair, but this is a service that we do provide from £20 for 50g without Olaplex and £30 with Olaplex.

Please note, all hair must be sent in small bundles and neatly tied at the tip end, If your hair has been sent disordered a re-ordering fee will be charged of £20.

Please be aware that we will not return any hair back without receiving the payment first. The payment must be paid via bank transfer, once your hair has been completed we will contact you to make your payment where we will pass on our bank details to you. Any further adjustments can be made and will be charged accordingly but may effect returning times.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for any further information or requests.

Hair retipping Terms and conditions

By sending your hair to us, you agree that Lorudu is not liable if you don't like the look or feel of your newly tipped hair extensions, any adjustments can be made once you've received your hair back but you will be charged again in full. By sending us your hair you agree that we are not liable if any damage occurs to your extensions whilst you are wearing them, such as damage to the bond or wire. You also agree that Lorudu is not responsible if your hair has been lost or damaged in the post. Tracking numbers can be supplied.
You also agree that Lorudu is not responsible if your order has been completed later than our stated time frame. You agree that Lorudu has the right to add additional service charges if your hair has been received in a dirty or messy state. You agree that your hair extensions will loose a little length as the old bond will be cut off if we've never tipped your hair before.

Hair Extension Re-Tipping Prices

Tip Type Tipping Material Cost Per Strand
Stick, Flat & Nail Tip Polyamide 40p per strand
Italian Keratin 55p per strand
Memory Glue 70p per strand
Mini Tip Polyamide 60p per strand
Italian Keratin 75p per strand
Memory Glue 90p per strand
Nano Tip Polyamide 80p per strand
Italian Keratin 95p per strand
Memory Glue £1.10 per strand
Postage & Packaging Standard P&P £15.00
Before 9am £35.00