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Hair Extensions

The highest quality hair extensions

Here at Lorudu, we only use the finest Russian and European hair available on the market from 6" to 22" in length for our Bonded and Micro Ring hair extensions. Indian hair is used for our Tape hair extensions in lengths 10", 16", 20", as well as our Postiche Lite Volumiser and Integration System. Our Micro Ring hair extensions are hand blended and tipped in the studio by Lorna herself in time for your appointment, and the Bonded method is hand blended and attached during your appointment.

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Hair In Recovery

Hair extensions and replacement systems

Here at Lorudu we provide a bespoke service for people who have lost their hair, or have thinning hair for any number of reasons.

Our hair extension specialist has been trained by one of the UK's leading Tricologists, Iain Sallis.

Hair extensions are not just for fashion and cosmetic purposes. If you have thinning hair, or you've lost your hair for whatever reason, the use of a mesh or a wig is no longer your only option! We can apply hair extensions that will give you a great boost in confidence.

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Hairdressing. Hair Colouring. Hair Styling. Olaplex

Here at Lorudu, we don't just do hair extensions. We offer a full range of Hairdressing services, as Lorna is also a fully qualified hair stylist who has her advanced level 3 qualification. We always provide a professional and personal service, nothing is too much trouble for Lorna. We offer, colouring, cutting, styling, gents and children's hairdressing, along with Olaplex and Kerastraight treatments.

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Hair Supplying

We provide loose hair, as well as a tipping service

Here at Lorudu we offer amazing quality coloured pure human Russian, Ukraine and Slavic hair. Our hair is soft, silky and naturally smooth in texture. It is the most luxurious hair available on the market. Please don't be fooled by cheaper hair which is readily available on the internet.

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We provide a full and thorough consultation service

Here at Lorudu, we pride ourselves on our consultation process. The consultation is the most important and initial part of your hair extension journey. Our consultation process will take approximately one hour where Lorna will discuss with you your requirements, your lifestyle, your medical background and your hair history. She will go through our unique hair analysis process and show you our hair samples. Based on her findings she will recommend the best method and hair type for you.

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After Care

Looking after your hair extensions

It is ESSENTIAL that the aftercare guidelines are followed implicitly in order to sustain the longevity of your hair extensions, as well as to keep them in their best condition and to prevent damage to your natural hair. If you have any questions or problems, please contact us immediately.

Our Guide To Looking After Your Hair Extensions


After the application, allow 24 hours before you wash your hair.

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Hair Extension Re-Tipping

We Provide a Hair Extension Re-Tipping Service

Here at Lorudu, we don't just fit hair extensions, we also re-tip your hair extensions as well. Whether you're trade looking for a company to re tip your clients hair, or a Hair extension client needing your extensions re-tipping, we will provide a quick, reliable and professional service, time after time.

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Wigs and hair replacement of the highest quality

Here at Lorudu we offer an extensive range of wigs and hair replacement methods. Whether its for Medical, Fashion or Gender purposes you have definitely come to the right place.

Wigs & Hair Replacement

Our wigs have been made to the the highest standards with the best materials available. We have hundreds of different wigs to choose from, all at different budgets, so a consultation is a must. Our extensive range includes wigs from Dimples, Ellen Wille, Purely Wigs, Trendco, and Natural Image.

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