Hair Supplying

  • We provide loose hair, as well as a tipping service

    Hair Supplying

    We provide loose hair, as well as a tipping service

  • Our double drawn hair

    Hair Supplying

    Our double drawn hair

Here at Lorudu we offer amazing quality coloured pure human Russian, Ukraine and Slavic hair. Our hair is soft, silky and naturally smooth in texture. It is the most luxurious hair available on the market. Please don't be fooled by cheaper hair which is readily available on the internet.

Russian, and Eastern European hair is classed as the most decadent hair in the world and you should expect to pay a premium for this hair. Our hair is double drawn to the highest standards and is cuticle correct. All of our double drawn hair is drawn on site to order by our hair extension specialist. The hair will last for up to 3 years with the help of our Lorudu hair products.

What is double drawn hair?

Double drawing is a very time consuming process. The process is used to remove split ends and to separate shorter strands of hair from longer strands, from a bundle of hair. Once the hair has been double drawn it will be ready to use for hair extensions, wigs and hair pieces.

How do I apply for a trade account?

To register for a trade account, you need to be a qualified hairdresser with a recognised hair extension qualification / certificate.