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The highest quality hair extensions

Hair Extensions in Warrington, Cheshire

The highest quality hair extensions

We only use the finest double drawn Russian and European hair available on the market, which has been ethically sourced, for our bonded hair extensions. We also use methods that we believe in and have trusted for over 15 years. We offer a bespoke service to each and every client, making your hair extensions as individual as you are. We deliver the most versatile and most natural looking hair extensions available on the market to our clients.

Lengths of 6" to 22" are available for our Bonded and Micro Ring hair extensions. Indian hair is used for our Tape hair extensions in lengths 10", 16", 20", as well as our Postiche Lite Volumiser and Integration System. Our Micro Ring hair extensions are hand blended and tipped in the studio by Lorna herself in time for your appointment, and the Bonded method is hand blended and attached during your appointment.

We have seen many hair types over the years, which do not come even close to the quality that we use in the studio to date. We've dealt with many suppliers to search for the finest, most luxurious, highest quality hair to provide to our clients.

When you combine our hair with our application methods, our hair extensions are definitely the best hair extensions available!

Luxury Hair Extensions

The luxury hair extensions that we provide aren’t just for celebrities, our hair extensions are for anyone. Thousands of people wear them to achieve thicker, longer hair. However, they are also a brilliant way to recreate the many celebrity hair styles that clients may request.

The Best Natural Hair Extensions

We will only provide the best quality products to our clients. The hair that we select has been through a couple of processes called cuticle correct alignment and double drawn. We won't use 'Temple' hair as this hair will not be cuticle correct because of the way it has been donated. Most 'Cheap' hair extensions, which would have been bought on the internet, will only last for a few washes and you would probably experience problems such as 'Bagging up' and 'Knotting'. I know that these problems occur because new clients tell me their bad experiences during their consultation.

Lorna is highly qualified in all of her methods of extension application. We believe it is important to do your research and find a hair extension specialist who specialises in the application of hair extensions.

Micro Rings, Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions

Pre-bonded or Stick Tip hair extensions are what we use for our Micro Ring applications. We will only recommend this method for people with thicker hair. The hair is fixed on to your own hair by a Mini Micro Ring, which is then clamped onto the hair using a hair extension plyer.

We use loose hair to pre-tip our pre bonded hair extensions, you can have a choice of either Italian Keratin, Poly-amide or memory glue. All of these materials are extremely strong and hard wearing, which will ensure minimal strand loss and maximum extended wear.

Hair extensions add length and/or fullness to your own natural hair. There are many different methods available to incorporate hair extensions and create a look that you want to achieve. At Lorudu, our hair extensions are applied individually. We currently offer two methods of application, all of which are strand by strand. These are bonded hair extensions and Rapture Rapid hair extensions. Rapture Rapid hair extensions are tape in hair extensions that are exclusive to Lorudu here in Warrington.

With all of our methods, you can achieve length and add thickness to your hair, by incorporating additional natural human hair. Our methods of application are both safe and non-damaging to your natural hair.

Bonded / Micro Bond / Fusion Bond Hair Extensions

Again, we use loose hair to create our Bonded hair extensions. A small amount of resin, which is a 100% non toxic polymer material, is applied to the tip of the root area of the extension. When attached to your natural hair, the resin is rolled into a cylindrical shape which creates the bond. Applying the hair in this way ensures that the bond is completely sealed and water tight. The bond should be around the size of a grain of rice. In the past we have seen clients come with bonded hair extensions which are not water tight and sealed, this is called 'shoe lacing'. This is where the bond looks like the sealed end of a shoelace. When the client washes their hair, water, oil and other impurities build up within the bond. The bond then breaks down from the inside out which will make the hair shed.

Lorna is very particular about her work. Each individual extension is applied evenly and flush to ensure hair safety and comfort. No hair extension method should be uncomfortable or painful. if it is, then it hasn't been applied correctly or isn't suitable for your hair. This method is suitable for all hair types, either long or short, thick or fine. It will always look extremely natural and the bonds will be unnoticeable.

Rapture Rapid Hair Extensions are Exclusive to Lorudu

Our Rapture Rapid tape hair extensions are perfect for a one off, if you're on a budget, or if you really don't have much time to sit in a salon most of the day. Our tapes can be easily applied, usually within 2 hours for a full head. These will last for 6 to 8 weeks, and are easily removed. Once your tapes have been cut in for the first time, they don't need cutting in again. The hair itself has a shelf life of up to 12 months, as long as you look after it. Rapture Rapid hair extensions are exclusive to Lorudu here in Warrington. They are the hair extensions choice of the celebrity.

Colour Match Hair Extensions

All of the hair we use with our Micro Ring and Bonded methods comes loose from our suppliers. We create the bonded hair extensions at the time of fitting in order to meet our client’s needs. This makes it more versatile when it comes to colour placement, colour blending, and the amounts that you can apply. This means that you will get a perfect colour match every time, because the hair is blended by hand. The right amount of hair is also applied in order to blend in perfectly with your own hair.

Safe Hair Extensions

Our bonding resin can be easily broken down by excessive heat, natural oils from your scalp, oils from hair products and moisture. So over a time scale of the recommended 12 weeks, the bonds may start to break down. As far as bonding materials go we believe this is the best option, as it is easy to remove from the hair without any form of damage to your own natural hair.

In the past I have had new clients come and wanted me to remove Keratin bonded extensions. Keratin glue is NOT recommended to be applied directly onto your natural hair. Keratin is what we use to hand tip our hair for micro ring hair extensions. When Keratin glue is applied to your natural hair it literally sticks like glue. Nothing is going to break it down, so your natural hair gets damaged and broken when removing.

100% Natural Human Hair

With our hair extension applications, we only use 100% natural human hair which is of the highest quality. When the hair is of high quality, you will get a much better end product. We know because Lorna wears it herself. Cheap hair can be spotted a mile away and won't last as long as our Russian and European hair.

Natural human hair extensions are extremely versatile and can be curled and straightened. We use only the finest quality, hand-selected Russian, European and Asian natural human hair.

Once the extensions have been fitted, your hair will be cut and styled to blend in with your own hair. There are not many Technicians that know how to cut extensions in correctly. Lorna takes her time when doing so, so that she makes your extensions extremely manageable and makes them look completely natural. After all, everybody wants their hair extensions to look like your own hair and not extensions.

Natural Looking Hair Extensions

Once your extensions have been applied, they are carefully cut and skilfully blended to your own natural hair. The result is a seamless, natural looking, head of hair. The extensions are always completely undetectable.

Hair Extensions For Short and Coloured Hair

Hair extensions aren't only for people wanting longer hair, our Bonded hair extension method is perfect for creating fringes, asymmetric styles, and short bobs. Our bonded hair extensions are also great for adding highlights or low lights for a balayaged or ombre effect without the damage of colouring/lightning products.

The Best Hair Extension Experts in Warrington and Cheshire

After hearing feedback from our customers who've had hair extensions for many years, we are extremely confident that we provide the best hair extension service not only in Warrington, but in Cheshire and surrounding areas. We know that we are the only hair extension specialist In Warrington. Other salons claiming to be 'Specialists' in this field only seem to dabble. If asked they would probably say they do 1 or 2 fittings a month, this definitely doesn't make them a 'Specialist'. We know this because we have researched it.

Here at Lorudu, hair extensions are our primary service. We are literally doing them day in day out. No two clients are the same, and we get great results every time. Why not check out our reviews on Facebook and Google.

If you have any questions, then please get in touch. Lorna is always happy to help. Give us a call or pop into our studio in Grappenhall, Warrington, Cheshire, which makes us in easy reach of Manchester and Liverpool and the motorways.

We provide the highest quality of hair, paired with the highest standards of training and knowledge. No other salon comes close to the quality and fitting that we provide to our clients. Before you decide on hair extensions with any other salon, come and have a consultation at Lorudu. Don't settle for anything less.

How much do hair extensions cost?

Please bear in mind that what you're wanting to achieve from your hair extensions will affect the cost. Our hair extensions range in price from around £200 to £1100. Good hair extensions should be priced at a premium. During your consultation, Lorna will conduct tests on your hair, discuss the history of your hair, show you samples of our hair, colour match you, then give you a quote based on what you are wanting to achieve. Colour matching and giving a quotation over the phone is impossible for all new clients, a consultation is a must. So come and see us for a consultation, where we'll discuss what you want to achieve and provide you with some pricing options.

With us being the leading hair extension specialist in our area, and hair extensions being our primary service. Our hair extension specialist is highly skilled and qualified, and extremely experienced not only in hair extensions, but all aspects of hairdressing.

So why not make Lorudu your choice for hair extensions. Give us a call, book a consultation, and pay us a visit.