We provide a full and thorough consultation service


We provide a full and thorough consultation service

We pride ourselves on our consultation process. The consultation is the most important and initial part of your hair extension or hair colouring journey. Our hair colouring consultaion will take approximatley 30 minutes, whereas the consultation process for hair extensions will take approximately one hour. A number of things will be discussed with you such as your requirements, your lifestyle, your medical background and your hair history. For our hair extensions, we will go through our unique hair analysis process and show you our hair samples. Based on our findings, we will recommend the best method and hair type for you.

Why is a consultation so important?

Consultation processes are important because its the only way of knowing what your requirements are, it is also a legal requirement to perform one before every service. Even with our regular clients. Consultations are there to talk about any changes you wish to make, which are discussed and agreed to by both client and stylist.

Why cant I just get a quote over the phone?

We get asked this all the time, Its impossible to give quotes over the phone to anyone who we have never seen or met before, this is because everyone's requirements are different. You might also not be suitable for hair extensions or for the colour you're trying to achieve. This is why a consultation is a must. Any salon failing to offer a through consultation should not be considered.

Why do you charge for consultations?

We charge for our consultations because our consultations are a service. Our consultations are through, and time consuming, we have perfected our consultations to give you the best end result. Our consultations involve a lot more than just visiting your local salon for a cut and colour. We are extremely educated in our field and we are constantly evolving our knowledge to provide you with the best service. Our consultations are chargeable for hair extensions, hair loss procedures and our hair coloring services. A Consultation fee of £20 is required upon booking the appointment, and must be paid by bank transfer. This is non refundable.

Consultation service

We will always provide a through consultation service, where we sit down and have an in depth meeting with our clients. This enables us to really understand the needs of our clientele. We will always ensure that you are completely satisfied with your hair. As a result of this, for our hair extension clients, we always invite you back for a complimentary two week check up to make sure you are completely satisfied with your new hair extensions and that you are following our aftercare guidelines correctly. Any changes to your extensions can be done on this appointment, free of charge. Any changes to your extensions after your 2 week check up will be chargeable.