Specialists in colour & colour correction


Specialists in colour & colour correction

We're proud at Lorudu to offer specialist colour and colour correction services. We offer all highlighting and balayage colouring, and we only colour hair with Olaplex/Damage Defy. This is because we feel you get the best out of your colour with an Olaplex treatment.

What Is A Balayage?

A lot of people get confused as to what Balayage is. Lets get this straight once and for all! Balayage is a sweeping technique used to add freehand or foiled highlights, it is not the overall effect/look that you see on Instagram! Here at Lorudu we have a few different methods to create a balayaged look, depending on your hair type, and desired finish will depend on what we do to achieve that. To create a blend of dark to light, a few different colours are used to create an Ombre effect. So the look you are attracted to on Instagram isn't just a balayage. It's a root tap, Ombre, gloss, tone and they've definitely used Olaplex/Bond builder.

We don't recommend highlighting your hair every 6 weeks as there isn't enough natural growth to apply the colour or lightening product. Doing so will cause unnecessary breakage or colour banding.

We recommend highlighting and low-lighting hair every 12 weeks to ensure excellent condition to your hair. Full head or regrowth tints using toners, semi permanent, quasi, or permanent colours, can be applied every 4 to 6 weeks. We use Wella Professional and Redken products because we believe they are the best products to create the best looks.

We always recommend you trim your hair every 4 to 6 weeks to keep your style perfect and to prevent split ends. We also offer blow dries, curly blows, tonging and straightening for your special occasion.

As part of our consultation process, we’ll discuss all of your available options which will help you decide on the perfect style and colour for you. Skin testing is a must. Strand testing may be conducted, when colour changing or stripping colour from the hair is required.

The Ultimate Colour Blend

Our Ultimate Colour Blend consists of a full head of specially placed highlights that adds contour and dimension to your hair with plenty of POP! without harsh lines of demarcation, the way we place our foils means that your colour will grow out seamlessly, meaning that your foil work will last for at least 3 months before a refresh is required. A root colour will be applied if needed, and a blend and gloss of up to 15 colours which will enhance your natural tones eye colour and skin tone. All prices for the Ultimate Colour Blend are inclusive of an Olaplex treatment and a cut, finish and style.

Our Ultimate Colour Blend packages may appear to be more expensive than other salons, but please bear in mind that when making your choice of salon you have considered how long your colour treatment will last and how the bleach work will grow out.

Our specialist technique will give you longer lasting results compared to standard techniques, as long as our aftercare guidelines are followed correctly.

We recommend that each client visits the salon every twelve weeks unless a root colour is needed to cover greys. Check out our Price Guide page for further pricing information.


Olaplex treatments have taken the hairdressing industry by storm. Olaplex treatments renew and repair the disulfide bonds in your hair that have broken down due to colouring, straightening and bleaching etc. Your hair is left stronger, with more resilience, amazing shine and your hair colour lasts longer.

Olaplex treatment can be applied before, during or after the colouring of your hair. It can also be applied as a stand alone treatment. We recommend that Olaplex/Damage Defy is used to insure your hair from colour damage


New clients require a skin test 48 hours prior to any colour service. It's to make sure that you don’t have any adverse reaction to the colour. The procedure only takes a minute or two to complete and is very simple to do. We’ll normally do this during your consultation.