After Care

Looking after your hair extensions

Hair Extension After Care

Looking after your hair extensions

It is ESSENTIAL that the aftercare guidelines are followed implicitly in order to sustain the longevity of your hair extensions, as well as to keep them in their best condition and to prevent damage to your natural hair. If you have any questions or problems, please contact us immediately.

Our Guide To Looking After Your Hair Extensions


After the application, allow 24 hours before you wash your hair.

Always brush hair before washing, using the brush provided in your aftercare pack to remove any tangles (see brushing and styling). Then separate each extension from one other with your fingers

Only wash your hair with the shampoo provided in your aftercare pack, failing to do so could cause the bonds soften and break down.

Apply the shampoo liberally to wet hair, making sure you lather the shampoo thoroughly into the scalp, do this in a zigzag movement stroking downwards to the tips, Rinse and repeat if necessary. Gently squeeze the excess water out of the hair.

Always wash your hair in the shower, never in the bath as this can cause the hair to tangle and you won’t be able to rinse hair free of product.

Wash your hair as required, never allow it to get oily or greasy – a buildup of natural oils, dirt, sweat and products will result in the bonds to break down and slide out, so keep your hair clean, always wash your hair immediately after exercise.


Since the extension hair does not get any nourishment from the natural oils from your scalp, it is important that you keep it well moisturised by using a good quality conditioner. Ideally the one which is recommended by your technician.

Never apply conditioner to the bonds as this will result in them breaking down, loosing hair strands and eventually sliding out. Only apply conditioner to the mid-lengths and ends of the hair. Draw the hair back as if you were to put it in a low ponytail, hold the hair in one hand and stroke the conditioner down the hair with the other. Leave the conditioner on the hair for a few minutes, the rinse thoroughly and gently squeeze to remove excess water.

If you want to apply conditioner to the top section of your hair where there are no extensions, make sure that your rinse it out facing the shower head, so that the conditioner dos not run down over the bonds.

You may use conditioning treatments on the hair, just avoid any contact with the bonds.


After washing, blot the hair with a towel to remove the excess water. Do not rub the hair with the towel, as this may cause the hair to tangle.

Then apply a leave-in conditioner to the hair if needed, avoiding contact with the bonds, this will make it easier to comb through and help keep it nourished.

Comb through with a tangle teezer. If using a wide toothed comb, avoid the root area.

Once combed through, separate the extensions at the root area before drying, making sure that each bond is hanging separately from its adjacent extension.

Dry your hair immediately after washing, if the bonds are left damp they can soften and break down. Once the bonds have softened the extension hair may start shedding excessively and the extensions may begin to slide out.

Start by drying the bonds and the root area until completely dry. Flick between a cool and medium heat setting on the hairdryer. Never switch to hot a heat or the bonds will melt.

When the bonds are completely dry, you may switch to a hotter setting for the rest of the extension hair, always make sure that you point the hairdryer downwards to smooth the hair and to avoid knotting. Blow dry the hair section by section, beginning at the underneath section working up the head methodically. Hold each section of hair over a round bristle brush, and direct the brush and hairdryer down to the ends. Alternatively, you can blast the hair until 100% dry and then style with straighteners or tongs etc.

If you would like to scrunch dry your hair, tip your head upside down once the roots and bonds are dry and hold the hair into a diffuser, when nearly dry. Turn your head up straight, and scrunch the hair with your fingers for the finishing touches.

Never sleep on wet hair, always make sure your hair is completely dry before going to bed.

Brushing & Styling

Brush your hair using the brush provided in your aftercare pack, this brush is designed to reduce matting and allows you to brush from root to tip without damaging the bonds or pulling them out.

Gently brush through the ends by holding the mid lengths, once the ends have been made tangle free you may start to brush at the root area. Make sure you do this thoroughly morning and night.

Never backcomb the hair extensions at this will cause them to mat, this can be quite difficult to comb out once they have been backcombed. Excessive backcombing can also cause damage to your hair.

You may use styling products on the extension hair but please take care when applying then and that you don’t get the product on the bonds as this will cause then to slide out.

Take care when using straighteners or tongs and other heated appliances by making sure that you avoid direct contact with the bonds as the heat will cause them to stick together.

General Care

Before bed, plait the hair or tie loosely in a band to prevent knotting.

Do not apply unnecessary tension by tying you hair up too tight.

Do not attempt to colour or perm you extensions, however you may continue to have your roots touched up just avoid the bonds with colour ie- the top of hair where there are no extensions.

Do not pick or pull at your extensions as this may result in coming out and cause damage to your own hair.

Wear your hair up when swimming or exercising, keeping your hair out of the water as much as possible. Always wash your hair straight after.

Maintenance Appointments

A small amount of shedding of the extension hair is normal. Similarly, do not panic if an extension works loose and slides out from time to time. Losing a few extensions will not alter the shape or style of your hair. Following the aftercare guidelines will help keep this to a minimum. If you lose any extensions, please keep hold of them as they can be re applied.

Natural Hair Shedding Process

Hair sheds daily as part of its natural life cycle. When wearing hair extensions, your hair will shed in exactly the same way as it does when you’re not wearing them. On average we lose around 50-100 hairs a day as part of its natural process. However when you are wearing hair extensions, shed hair that would normally come out in your brush will be trapped in the bond. Overtime this hair will start to build up at the root area.

It is important that you separate the extensions from each other with your fingers every day, and that you brush your hair thoroughly at the scalp, as this will prevent shed hair from becoming entwined and matted at the root.

When the extensions are removed, the shed hair is combed out and it appears as though a lot of hair is coming out all at once. After wearing extensions for 3 months, at least 4000 hairs will have shed naturally from your scalp. There is no need to be concerned that your hair is falling out during the removal process, as this is simply shed hair being released.