Hair Extension Removal

Our hair extension removal is non-damaging

Hair Extension Removal

Our hair extension removal is non-damaging

The hair extension removal process is just as important as the application and after care. They need to be removed safely in order to prevent any damage occurring to you natural hair. We can't stress enough how important it is that you don't try to remove your hair extensions yourself.

Please note - due to any potential damage that may have occurred, we will never take any hair extensions out that have not been applied by anyone at Lorudu!

Removal of Micro Bonds

There are some resins and glues out there that can cause damage to your hair when it comes to having your hair taken out. This is because some bonding materials are extremely harsh and strong. Our resin is extremely durable yet extremely gentle on your hair. It is also easy to remove, leaving no trace or residue.

Our removal method is simple and will not cause any damage to your own hair. No heat is required for the removal of the hair extensions. We will use a solution which will break down the bond, but this is harmless to your hair.

You can see from the picture on this page that the resin is broken down. This is then combed out and the hair is washed.

Our hair extensions can be removed, re-conditioned and re-applied all on the same day!

Removal of Mini Micro Rings

The Removal for this method is really easy and also pain free. We won't use any heat, and because there is no resin used, we won't use any solution on your hair.

The micro ring is removed and the hair you have shed will be combed through. You can then have your extensionsre-conditioned and re-applied on the same day.

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