Real Human Hair Extensions

European and Russian Hair at Lorudu

The Hair

European and Russian Hair at Lorudu

At Lorudu, we only use the highest standard, most luxurious European and Russian human hair for our hair extensions. It is of course, 100% human and natural. All of the hair we use is ‘double drawn’ and ‘cuticle correct’, which means the hair is all exactly the same length and the cuticles are facing the correct way. The hair is tied in a ponytail and then cut above the hair band so the hair remains 'cuticle correct' from root end to tip. The hair is then 'processed' or 'worked' which is done by hand. This includes washing, conditioning, drying and dying. The hair we use is then ‘double drawn’. Further details on these terms is provided below.

Sourcing Our Real Human Hair Extensions

We make sure that our hair has also been ethically sourced, which we feel is an extremely important part of our business. Our network of suppliers only choose hair from selected, long established collectors, who travel all over Europe and Russia buying hair from people who wish to sell it. By working closely with our suppliers, we can guarantee the ethical sourcing of all our hair.

Our hair lengths are available from 10 inches - 22 inches long. Different shades of the extension hair can be mixed together to create our client’s own specific personalised blend. Our hair extensions are of such high quality, that they are designed to be removed, re-conditioned and re-applied. The quality of the hair won’t deteriorate. So when looked after, your extensions can be re-used and re-applied. This means that the cost is significantly reduced with subsequent re-applications. The hair is not cheap, but you are paying for superior quality hair.

The hair that we provide to our clients provides them with a choice. This will usually depend on hair type, but you may choose from our European hair or Russian hair. The European hair and Russian hair is available in lengths from 10 – 22 inches long. We only use 100% real human hair extensions, nothing else!!


Single Drawn Human Hair

At Lorudu, we ‘do not’ use single drawn hair. The single drawn hair comes in bundles. The hair is measured from the longest point. This means that you may order hair which is 20 inches in length, but the hair bundle will contain strands of hair which are shorter. The very shortest hairs will be removed, but the bundle may still contain hairs of 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20 inches in length for example. When it has been applied, single drawn extensions appear thinner and more straggly at the ends of the hair.


Double Drawn Human Hair

All of the hair we use at Lorudu is double drawn. This means that the bundles of hair we get from our suppliers contain strands of hair which are all the same length. For example, a bundle of 20 inch double drawn hair would contain only hairs which are 20 inches in length. This means that once the hair extensions have been applied, your hair will look thick and full, right through to the tips.


European Hair

The European hair we use is the finest on the market. European hair is naturally wavy, which makes it the perfect match for clients with a wave in their hair. It’s fine in texture, gloriously soft and very glossy. The hair is coloured to produce a wide range of colours to match the hair of any client.


Russian Hair

Russian hair is of an exceptionally high quality. It is sourced from Eastern Europe and is naturally straight. This is the perfect match for clients with straight hair. The hair is very strong and luxuriously silky. Again, the hair is coloured to produce a wide range of colours to match the hair of any client.


Virgin Russian Hair

It is important to note that 'we will not' supply Virgin Russian hair. Virgin Russian hair is the most exclusive and expensive hair available. It’s extremely soft to the touch and is extremely silky and shiny. The hair is rare and is extremely sought after. It isn’t coloured or treated in any way and remains in its natural state when fitted. Genuine Virgin Russian hair is usually very difficult to source. We've received information and seen reports confirming that genuine Virgin Russian hair is usually sourced from children. Due to how the hair is sourced, we will not supply this hair type to our clients, as we feel it is exploitative and unethical. It isn't something we are comfortable in providing to our clientele.