How Long Will My Extensions Last?

How long will my hair extensions last? How long should hair extensions be kept in for?

In general, our hair extensions can be worn for around three months. Each client is different and so is their natural hair type. Some people will notice that their extensions last longer than others. As long as the aftercare routine that we provide you is followed, there's no reason that you shouldn't get up to three months' worth of wear from them before they need to be removed and re-applied.

It's important that the hair extensions aren't worn for longer than a three month period before having them re-applied. This is due to your hair’s natural life cycle, or shedding. It is normal to lose up to 100 hairs a day as part of this natural process. When you're wearing our hair extensions the shed hair stays trapped in the bond. Over time, the hair will start to build up at the roots, which can cause matting.

As your hair continues to shed, the hair extensions will be held on by fewer and fewer strands of your natural hair. This can cause strain on your natural hair and can possibly cause hair damage. You must also remember that your hair will grow, therefore the bond will grow out too. The bond may become visible and cause problems when styling your hair.

With our aftercare guidance and recommendations, our hair extensions can be removed and re-applied on the same day. This ensures that your hair continues to look its best.

The Hair is also completely re-usable, although each time it is used you will lose some length as the old bond will be cut off. We also recommend that the minimum amount of hair available to order, should be bought for your re-application appointment. This should be done in order to maintain your desired amount of coverage.