Hairdressing at Lorudu

Hairdressing, Hair Colouring & Styling, Olaplex.

Hairdressing at Lorudu

As well as providing luxury hair extensions from our site in Warrington, we also provide extensive hairdressing services. Look no further than the professional hair styling, hair cutting, and hair colouring that we have to offer at Lorudu.

Whatever type of haircut you’re looking for, whatever suits your style and personality, or if you’re trying to achieve your own personal look and statement, we’ll find the haircut and colour to suit you.


At Lorudu, we have a vast wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of hair styling and haircuts. We pride ourselves in being expert hair stylists and specialists in all aspects of hairdressing.

We know all of the latest trends and techniques. But let’s not forget, we know all of the old ones too.

We also offer an extensive range of colours to suit all tastes. If you’re looking for the outrageous, wanting to be bold, add natural and subtle shades, or anything in between.

Hair Colour / Hair Styling

Choose to alter your current style by refreshing your current look, or why not go for something new, such as a complete colour change or style. Maybe it’s just something to cover those pesky grey hairs.

As part of our consultation process, we’ll discuss all of your available options which will help you decide on the perfect style and colour for you.


We also offer the Olaplex treatment that has taken the hairdressing industry by storm. Olaplex treatment repairs the bonds in your hair that have broken down due to colouring, straightening and bleaching etc. Your hair is left stronger, with more resilience. Olaplex treatment can be applied before, during or after the colouring of your hair. It can also be applied as a stand alone treatment.

We already have a strong clientele that’s been built through customer recommendations. For anyone looking for a hairdresser in Warrington, Lorudu can’t be beaten. If you’re located in and around Warrington, why not give us a try and see how good we are?

We want you to look and feel fantastic. That's what we aim for at Lorudu, as we want you to come back as a satisfied customer, time and time again.

The service we provide is professional and friendly, and as was mentioned previously, our goal at Lorudu is to provide customer satisfaction. Having a good client relationship is important for something that is so personal.

Take a look at our gallery and contact us today. Let's see what we can do for you!



New clients require a skin test 48 hours prior to any colour service. It's to make sure that you don’t have any adverse reaction to the colour. The procedure only takes a minute or two to complete and is very simple to do. I’ll normally do this during your consultation.