How Safe Are Hair Extensions?

Hair Safety is Paramount

Hair Safety

Hair Safety is Paramount

Just how safe are hair extensions? We like to pride ourselves on hair safety and believe that hair safety is key when applying and removing hair extensions. We want our clients to return,
time and time again. So applying extensions that could potentially damage your hair isn't particularly smart from a business point of view. We will only apply hair extensions that are proven to be non-damaging.

We believe in following a process that makes the application of hair extensions as safe as possible. The first part of our hair extension process is our consultation. We believe that the consultation is key to any service carried out, without the consultation it is impossible to carry out any work.

During the consultation, you will be asked a number of questions regarding any health issues and on your lifestyle. These can have an impact on whether these extensions would be suitable for you. For example, in rare cases some people have 'shallow roots' which look completely normal, but may not actually have the ability to hold any extra added weight. This does not necessarily mean if you have fine hair you would be unsuitable for hair extensions.

During the fitting we ensure that the same amount of extension hair is attached to the same amount of your natural hair, this is to create even weight distribution.

The bonds also need to be lying flush to the scalp so that root lift doesn't occur, if it does it can cause many problems such as tension and soreness, folliculitis, a bacterial infection, Traction Alopecia, extension hair to lay incorrectly and maintenance issues.

We only recommend that you keep the hair extensions in for a maximum time of 12 weeks, this is due to the amount of hair shedding which takes place on a daily basis, on average we shed 50 to 100 hairs daily, on a full head of extensions it is recommended that a maintenance appointment is conducted if up to 20 extensions have shed.

Please note that these hair extensions do not damage your own natural hair!