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The Best 100% Natural Human Hair Extensions

Micro Bonds, Fusion Bonds, Micro Rings, Nano Rings, Short Hair

The Best 100% Natural Human Hair Extensions

Ask our clients. We use the most amazing Russian and European hair available on the market, from 10" to 22" in length, which has all been ethnically sourced.

We have seen many types over the years which do not come even close to the quality that we use in the studio to date. We've dealt with many suppliers to find the finest, most luxurious, highest quality hair to provide to our clients.

When you combine the hair with our application methods, our hair extensions are definitely the best hair extensions available!

The Best Natural Hair Extensions

We can guarantee, that under no circumstances would we use hair that comes out of a packet! We respect our clients far too much to use poor quality packet hair! During your consultation your hair will be colour matched to perfection!

Our extension specialist is highly qualified in all of our methods of extension application. We believe it is important to do your research and find a hair extension specialist who specialises in the application of hair extensions. You should also make sure that they have the relevant certificates to show you on request. If they can't provide the certificates of training, then don't take the risk.

We currently use three different methods of extensions. The first method, is pre-bonded extensions. These are pre-blended in the salon, where we will custom blend colours and lengths to suit your requirements. The second method, is hot-bonded extensions. These again are hand blended at the time of application.

Mini Micro Rings / Nano Rings

Pre-bonded extension are what we use for our mini micro ring and nano ring applications. These methods are generally recommended for people with thicker hair. The hair is fixed on to your own hair by a mini micro ring or nano ring, which is then clamped onto the hair using a hair extension plyer. The hair extensions are pre-tipped with an Italian Keratin glue. This is extremely strong and hard wearing, which will ensure minimal shedding and maximum extended wear.

Micro Bonds / Fusion Bonds

With the hot-bonded method, we use loose hair in order to create the bonds that we then apply to your hair. A small amount of resin, which is 100% non-toxic and extremely gentle on your natural hair, is applied to the tip of the root area of the extension. When attached to your natural hair, the resin is rolled into a cylindrical shape which creates the bond. Applying the hair in this way ensures that the bond is completely sealed and water tight. The bond should be around the size of a grain of rice.

The same thickness of extension hair is applied to the same thickness of your own hair. This is done to maintain even weight distribution. This method is suitable for all hair types, either long or short, thick or fine hair. It will always look extremely natural.

100% Natural Human Hair

All of the hair we use with our methods comes loose from our suppliers. The extensions are either fitted by bonding or are pre-bonded. We create the pre-bonded hair extensions at the time of fitting in order to meet our client’s needs. This makes it more versatile when it comes to colour placement, colour blending, and the amounts that you can apply. This means that you will get a perfect colour match every time, because the hair is blended by hand. The right amount of hair is also applied in order to blend in perfectly to your own. The resin we use is made up of all natural ingredients.

Once the extensions have been fitted, your hair will be cut and styled to blend in with your own hair. This makes the extensions extremely manageable and makes them look completely natural. After all,, everybody wants their hair extensions to look completely natural.

Hair Extensions For Short Hair

Hair extensions aren't only for people with longer hair, looking to provide extra length or thickness. Unlike other hair extension application methods, our hair extensions can also be applied to people with short hair. We use the same amazing Russian and European hair available on the market, that we do for our clients that want long flowing locks. With short hair, extensions can be used to either add a fringe, add some extra length, or provide some thickness.

The Best Hair Extensions based in Warrington, close to Manchester and Liverpool

If you have any questions, then please get in touch. We're based in Warrington, Cheshire, and in very easy reach of Manchester and Liverpool.

We provide the best hair extensions that are available. No other salon comes close to the quality and fitting that we provide. Before you decide on hair extensions with any other salon, come and have a consultation at Lorudu. Don't settle for anything less.

So why not make Lorudu your choice for hair extensions. Give us a call, book a consultation, and pay us a visit.

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