Do Your Research!

When hair extensions have been fitted, they should always look natural and they should never damage your hair. If they've been professionally applied in the correct manner by an experienced qualified extension technician, then you shouldn't have any problems.

Hair extensions have had a poor reputation for many years. This has mainly been due to the large number of inexperienced technicians who've had little or no formal training.

Hair extensions can be applied using various different methods, and those methods are also subject to varying degrees in standards. The type of hair extension method will also determine the safety and potential for damage to your own hair.

We've all heard horror stories about hair extensions and you can spot poorly fitted ones a mile off. This isn't something that you should expect from all hair extensions, and definitely not from ours.

Some technicians take short cuts and try to make the process quicker and easier. An example of this, is the application of larger bonds with more hair connected. This is quite common. The extensions are fitted in a shorter timescale, but are applied in thick chunks, which in turn prevents the hair from blending in with your natural hair. It also means that you have more weight attached to your natural hair. This can result in hair damage and breakage.

Incorrect, poor, or unsafe application methods by an inexperienced technician, along with poor quality hair and a failure of clients to follow after care recommendations, are the main reasons for damage to natural hair caused by hair extensions.

Let's not forget that it's your natural hair that the extensions are fitted to, and the extensions will be worn on your head. So don't be afraid to ask for pictures of the work they've done in the past and ask to see their qualifications and certificates of training.

You need to make sure that you feel comfortable with the technician that will be applying your extensions, along with the methods they use and examples of previous applications that they've carried out.

It's also important to note that we recommend that you should never attempt to apply your own hair extensions.

Examples of poorly fitted hair extensions include: -

  • The use of poor quality hair.
  • A line or ring that appears around the top of the head where the extensions have not been properly blended with the natural hair.
  • The extensions look straggly because they haven't applied enough hair extensions.
  • The extensions haven't been placed properly.
  • The method used to attach the extensions is visible.
  • The hair extensions haven't been properly colour matched and the colours haven't been properly blended together.

It takes a considerable amount of time to properly apply hair extensions using our micro bond or mini micro ring methods. Applying our hair extensions can't be rushed. It takes time, precision, dedication and a huge amount of skill to become a specialist in this field. We have an advanced knowledge and understanding of weights, balance, placement, colours, blending, hair types, hair growth. We also have an exceptional eye for detail as well as a flair for creativity. That's what makes Lorudu stand out as the specialist in luxury hair extensions.

We recommend that you do plenty of research before deciding on the method of application that you want to go for.