Hair Coverage

Extra Full Head, Full Head or Partial Head?

Hair Coverage

Extra Full Head, Full Head or Partial Head?

Below, we've explained the various levels of coverage that we offer in which our hair extensions can enhance your natural hair. We can achieve many different looks and styles. You may want to add some highlights or lowlights, add additional thickness and volume, add some life to your hairstyle, go from a short style to Rapunzel like locks. Whatever your requirements, our hair extensions can be easily adapted and tailored to create a style that's as individual as each of our clients.

Extra Full Head | 9 – 12 Rows

To Achieve : - Length and thickness
Ideal for : - Short hair, very thick hair, or a mixture of both
Fitting time : - In excess of 5 hrs

If your natural hair is short and/or very thick, you may need an extra full head application to achieve your desired look. This is to ensure that the extensions blend naturally with your own hair, and disguise the short style underneath. Short hair is the most challenging hair to apply extensions to in terms of them appearing natural, which is why many clients are turned away from other salons as they will not apply hair extensions to short hair, or are unable to due to their method of application. However, thanks to our versatile attachment technique and our many years of experience, we are able to apply and skilfully blend our hair extensions with short hair to achieve an extremely naturally look. Many of our clients with short hair have previously gone through chemotherapy, and have come to us to regain the hair they once had. So long as the hair is at least 3 inches on the top, and 1 inch at the nape of the neck, we are normally able to apply hair extensions successfully.

If your hair is very short (above shoulder length), we usually only recommend extending the hair to a maximum of 12 inches to ensure that the extensions blend with your own hair and to prevent excessive weight and tension.

Full Head | 6 – 8 Rows

To achieve : - Length and thickness
Ideal for : - Medium - thick hair
Fitting time : - 4 – 5 hrs

This is the most popular hair extension service. A full head of hair extensions will lengthen the natural hair and will also add thickness, fullness and volume, as well as highlights or lowlights if desired.

If your hair is of medium-thick density and you wish to extend the length of your hair, a full head will be required in order for the extensions to balance and blend with your own hair, so that the finished result will look completely natural, without leaving any tell-tale signs of hair extensions. The thicker your natural hair, the more hair extensions you will need for the extensions to blend and to achieve an authentic appearance.

Please note: If you have very thick and/or very short hair you will need to have an extra full head application (see above).

3/4 Head | 4 – 5 Rows

To achieve : - Thickness and up to 3 inches in length
Ideal for : - Fine - medium hair with at least 2 inches of length below the shoulders
Fitting time : - 3 – 4 hrs

If your natural hair is fine to medium in density and already has some length to it, you may only require a 3/4 head of hair extensions. A 3/4 head will give lots of thickness and volume, and may lengthen the hair up to 3 inches.

Half Head | 3 Rows

To achieve : - Thickness
Ideal for : - Fine hair
Fitting time : - 2 – 3 hrs

Half a head of hair extensions will enhance the natural hair by adding thickness and volume. It is ideal for clients who have fine, limp or lifeless hair, who would like to add fullness, volume, body and perhaps some colour. It is also a great way to help tame flyaway hair.

Please note: This type of coverage does not lengthen hair. The quantity of hair applied for a half head of hair extensions would not be enough to achieve the effect of naturally longer hair.

Partial Head | 1 – 2 Rows / Specific Areas of Coverage

To achieve : - Length and/or thickness to specific areas, such as the front, the sides, a fringe, highlights, lowlights, colour, and to cover up scars
Ideal for : - Varying hair types
Fitting time : - 1 – 2 hrs

A partial head of hair extensions allows you to add the effect of highlights, lowlights or bold streaks of colour to your hair without the need for harmful chemicals. It is also an effective way of disguising hair damage and breakage as well minor areas of hair loss such as Alopecia Areata or Traction Alopecia, and can also be applied to lengthen or thicken small sections of hair.