Bonded Hair Extensions

Our Bonded Hair Extensions

Micro Bonds / Fusion Bonds

Our Bonded Hair Extensions

Bonded hair extensions, when applied properly, are classed as the best and safest hair extension method. They are also known as micro bonds or fusion bonds. This technique is a strand by strand method where we use loose hair which hasn't been pre-bonded. The loose hair is place in a drawing mat so the correct amount of hair can be pulled through to match the thickness of your own hair.

Applying bonded hair extensions (Micro / Fusion Bonds)

We apply the extensions row by row, not by individual bonds. This is simply because it is easier to gauge the correct amount of coverage. Each individual extension is applied by applying a small amount of resin to the tip of the root end of the extension hair, then carefully placed underneath the section of your own hair. The resin is then slowly rolled to create a sealed bond approximately the size of a grain of rice. Of course, the size of the bond is completely bespoke to the clients' needs and wishes. Once the extension has been sealed the extension will lie completely flush to your head. So they will look completely unnoticeable, undetectable and extremely comfortable.

The same thickness of extension hair is applied to the same thickness of your own hair. This is done to maintain even weight distribution. This method is suitable for all hair types, either long or short, thick or fine hair. It will always look extremely natural.

When applying hair extensions for clients who have lost their hair through medical hair loss, the bonds are half the size of a normal bond, if that! The resin is simply dabbed on to the extension hair, it is barely visible, and only a few strands of extension hair is attached to the same amount of your hair.

During your consultation your hair will be colour matched to perfection!