Hair Extension After Care

Caring for your hair extensions

After Care

Caring for your hair extensions

Hair extension after care is extremely important. We advise our clients fully on how to care and manage your new extensions at home. From shampooing and conditioning, to drying and styling. We'll advise on a general care regime and explain how to prevent the softening of the bonds.

We'll provide you with instructions and an aftercare pack, which contains only the best products that we believe are key for you to look after your new hair. We also provide a free check-up service, which is done in person at our studio. This usually takes place 2 weeks after your first fitting.

Depending on how well your extensions have been looked after, as well as your natual hair type, you may require a maintenance appointment between re-applications. During a maintenance appointment, we will replace any loose or softened bonds and re-apply any extensions that may have slid out. We may also apply additional hair to fill out any areas if needed.

It is normal to experience a small amount of hair shedding and potentially lose a hair extension from time to time. As long as our aftercare guidelines are followed, this should be kept to a minimum. If a maintenance appointment is required, we’d normally advise on booking an appointment approximately 6-8 weeks after the initial fitting.

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